He Fucked His Ex-Wife In A Black Bra On Her Birthday


On her birthday, Lauren decides to surprise her exhusband with a new black lingerie set. She put it on thinking he won‘t show up because he already left her months ago. To her surprise, he appears at her doorstep ready to surprise her back. Lauren felt her heart beating faster as her exhusband‘s gaze traveled from head to toe. With a smirk, he pulled her in for a passionate kiss and started undressing her. His touch was more intimate and intense than ever before. His touch brought her back to that time when they were happily married. He leaned her on the bed and removed his clothes. Then, he moved above her and entered her. As he moved inside her, her heart raced even more. She moaned with pleasure as his strong arms held her tight. After their passionate lovemaking session was over, she felt incredibly happy to have shared that moment with him. Even though they were no longer together, they had found a way to connect with each other like never before.

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