He Fucked His Cousin Wearing Heels And Mini Skirt


Derek was a country boy from South Carolina, living out in the sticks with no one around to judge him. He liked to keep his lifestyle hidden from the outside world, which included exploring his own sexuality. After months of curious exploration, he decided to take it one step further and have a kinkier sexual experience fucking his cousin while wearing a pair of high heel shoes and a mini skirt. His cousin agreed, and the two set up the room to make sure Derek‘s secret was hidden from anyone outside the room. The two started off slowly, Derek pushing himself further into his forbidden sexual desires as the night progressed. Together, the two experienced intense passion and physical pleasure, Derek‘s shoes and skirt the only reminder of the kinky taboo moment. After they had finished, Derek excitedly whispered to his cousinFinally, I found something I‘m good at fucking my cousin wearing heels and a mini skirt!”

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