He Takes Sexy Girls From Nightclub and Fucks


He stands inside the nightclub, scanning the room for his next conquests. Dressed in a dashing black suit and a glowing charm, his magnetic presence draws the attention of all the sexy girls in the room. His eyes lock with one in particular and he can feel the instantaneous connection. He makes his way to her and with a few direct words he coaxes her out of the club and into his car. As they drive he runs his hands through her hair, before pulling her closer and pressing his lips against hers. She surrenders and they continue until reaching his apartment. He takes her into the bedroom, running his fingertips along her body before slowly undressing her. In that moment they both know what is about to happen and neither of them can resist. With every thrust, they become more intertwined and pleasure explodes through them. When they are done, there is a satisfied quiet, and in that moment they both know that they had just experienced something special.

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