Sex in the Woods with the Pretext of Camping with His Cousin


John had been looking forward to this camping trip for weeks. He‘d managed to finagle a little alone time with his cousin Amelia, and he was determined to make it count. After a nice day of pretending to set up camp, have a campfire, and cook dinner, they set off for a midnight walk through the woods. The night was a little colder than expected, but John didn‘t care. The only thing he could think about was Amelia‘s body and how he could draw her close. He didn‘t need any more encouragement and within minutes they were locked in a passionate embrace, unable to think about anything except one another. As they moved further into the woods, they explored each other in a way they‘d never done before. The branches and leaves scratching against their bare skin only added to the intensity and intensity as they experienced one of the most pleasurable moments of their lives.

Category: Hardcore, HD