He gave her a necklace and gave her a hard fuck


He had been planning this for weeks. He was a dedicated admirer of her beauty, and had always wanted to make her feel cherished. He had designed a beautiful gold necklace with an intricate pattern, shimmering in the sun. He presented it to her with a passionate kiss, and she melted into his arms in response. The atmosphere around them was electric, and his heart raced as he found himself overwhelmed by desire. Taking her breath away, he pushed her against the wall and began to move his hands all over her body, passionately kissing her neck. His thrusts grew more intense as he felt her respond to him, and soon enough they found themselves on the bed, his hands on her curves and his body guiding her to satisfaction. As they both reached the heights of pleasure, he gave her one final, hard fuck, sending her into sheer ecstasy before she finally drifted off blissfully.

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