He Fucked His Wife Without Pity When He Was Cheated On


He had been increasingly suspicious of her recent absences from their home, and he had been right to think something was amiss. His wife had been unfaithful to him perhaps it was payback after all the times he had not been fully present in their marriage. But this was a pain he was not prepared for. Enraged, he decided to take matters into his own hands and made it clear to her that she was to face the consequences of her act. He didn‘t care if it was love or pity that drove him to do this, but he had to take revenge on her for having strayed; and what better way than to fuck his wife without pity in front of a camera? The video shows his wife‘s desperate attempts at trying to escape his torturous embrace as he pulls her in ever more harshly with each thrust. The expressions on her face are a mixture of fear and hurt as he persists with his wrathful display of domination. In the end, he has taken out his revenge it‘s a clear statement that his wife should never share her love with anyone else.

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